Create Mobile App By Yourself

One-Stop Service Mobile App Creator Platform,
Customize Your App With No Coding


SHOPPENING emphasize interaction between you and customers with features supporting customer engagement with loyalty programs to help you create the most effective application for businesses.

CustomizE your Unique Design

With SHOPPENING, we help you to create unique application for your brand simply without any coding.

Engage Everywhere

Because we realize Customer Engagement is one of the keys for business success, we support various promotional tools to you, such as Coupon, Push Notification, stamp card, etc.

More Growth, More Opportunity

SHOPPENING allows your app to play a role in business extension with several effective plug-ins as new ways of online commerce e.g. online reservation and mobile payment.


Insights of your customer will help you to be superior significantly. SHOPPENING tracks all movement of your loyal customers for you about who, what, and where with complete demographic geographic and behaviour information when it happen immediately.