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Rethink How You Track and Measure Mobile Offers

Posted on May 11th, 2012


Doing business today is all about database and information; no one is going to argue that. Database and information is the key for business owners to prepare their products, design their campaigns, launch their promotions, check their feedbacks, and evaluate their profits. Database and information dictates the trends in the future, and with the complete and reliable database, business owners know their directions.

But how do we keep track of all the information of our customers? Many customers are new faces who pay only one visit to the shop and then they’re gone with the wind, while others couldn’t care less about filling in the feedback forms abundantly provided at hands. In the world nowadays where people are killing themselves rushing from sunrise to sunset, going out of the way to do an interview for shops to gather the information seems an unnecessary waste of time.

Such problems lead to one simple beacon called “mobile campaign”. Mobile campaign offers an easy and convenient way to collect all the data and information of your customers in just one barcode-scanning away. Here’s how it works – when your customers register for the application, they will be required to fill in information about themselves and this set of information is stored in the database. Then each and every time these customers redeem their promotional offers at your shop by scanning the barcode at your cashier, the information of that customer will be linked to a statistic processing system called “Business Dashboard”. This system will collect the information from customers at your shop who redeem their offers through the application and the information is stored for later use at your convenience. This way, just by claiming the offer, you have all the data of your customers for your future directions of your shops very easily. Customers are pleased by the quickness of the process and the usage of the application creates the impression that the shop is technology-friendly and updated, while business owners have their way of collecting information for future analysis. This is just a win-win!

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